Anita Kruse CDs

The Magdalene Mystique

The Magdalene Mystique, Songs from Within by Anita Kruse is a companion CD to the book, The Magdalene Mystique, Living the Spirituality of Mary Today, by Betty Conrad Adam. A compilation of 12 songs and mantras inspired by and composed for Mary Magdalene Feast Day services and the Magdalene Community's Sunday services held at the Rothko Chapel in Houston, TX.

Track List:

Dreaming Out to Sea

"in the well we built before, deep within sandy floor, underneath the silver waves, buried in our treasure caves, captured by the half lit moon, casting shadows past and through, every you every us, dreaming under angel dust, every you ever me, dreaming out to sea."

Track List:

If We Can Fly to the Moon

This single was written for and because of the September 11 tragedy. 100% of the profits are donated, benefiting the families and victims of the tragedy. We call it "The People's Song" because so many common folk took part in its making. It is made possible by the heart felt donations of: Anita Kruse, songwriter/teacher; Tom Jaber, arranger and youth choir conductor; Robbie Parrish, producer; A dozen professional musicians and vocalists; 32 children's choir; and the time, talent and financial contributions of many many more.

Lullabies from Home

A magical collection of 12 original lullabies designed to lull all dreamers.

Track List:

1. Look to the Children
2. Magical Places
3. If I Could
4. Sleep Baby Sleep
5. Drift Away
6. Rock-a-bye
7. Rainbow Bear
8. Rachel Rachel
9. Close Your Eyes
10. Heart Pillow
11. Lullaby for Samantha
12. Night Flight

Christmas Light

A fresh, open and beautifully produced festive composition available as a unique Christmas card CD single. Featuring a joyful and strong lyrical performance from Anita and backed up by a wonderful childrens chorus. "Christmas Light" is a perfect gift for celebration and expression of love and thanks. This wonderful 3.5 minutes CD is available encased in a Christmas card.

"...the time of year when red and green help say the things we really mean

to those we love - to passers by -- to everyone beneath the sky

Creation Flight

Creation Flight is a personal journey of discovery -- both the discovery of Anita's ancestral roots through her mother's mother, and the discovery of her connection to all women through the ancient mother goddesses.

The 20-page, full-color tray booklet contains complete lyrics and gorgeous photos of Kruse in natural settings.

All songs were written as gifts for women in her life -- some were inspired by dreams and others evolved after great losses -- the losses of friends' children and in her mother's case -- the loss of her mother in childhood.


Anita's 1996 release

Track List:

1. The Light Bringer
2. The Land Beside the Sun
3. The Door of the Moon
4. Here's to the Time of Visions
5. The Years of Frozen Dreams
6. The White Light of Day
7. The Waves Will Wear Her
8. Song For My Father
9. Ribbons
10. Shadow Roses
11. The Candle
12. Twelfth Twilight

All We Have Is Now

The early days of Anita Kruse - 1993 release

Track List:

1. Keep Your Pieces In Your Own Puzzle
2. All We Have Is Now
3. The Seducer
4. Death When Our Eyes Meet
5. He Could See
6. There You Are Again
7. What You See Is What You Get
8. Spinning In A Wheel of Gold
9. Simply Silent
10. Soulmates
11. Tulip Time