"Wonderful music for all - grownups and babies.  Together with our NapSac we are getting these sweeties to sleep in no time!"  - Cornelia Haerle, (

"Creation Flight is a unique album combining contemporary spirituality, strong vision and inspired performances.  Recommended as a treasure in any collection and a gift to a person special in your life."  - SVP World

"Anita Kruse's Lullabies From Home is a delightful compilation of 12 gentle, soothing songs.  The beauty of Anita's work is partly her soft, warm and loving voice and partly the fact that these lullabies, though designed for babies, are songs for children of all ages.  Anita's voice makes you imagine her holding a baby and singing personally to that baby and to yours.  I heartily recommend her songs to parents who want music their children will want to listen to again and again."  - Peg Bowles, (Owner Initial Impressions)

" beautiful.  I looked back and found my son completely knocked out.  He hasn't fallen asleep in the car in ages, my daughter in the meantime was singing along.  She particularly likes "Rainbow Bear".  - Dannielle Agena, (

Lullabies From Home: "Four thumbs up!  This is beautiful music!"  - John E. Sloe, (

"Lullabies From Home is a beautiful collection of lullabies sure to enchant both young and old.  Truly a beautiful gift for anyone with infants or young children."  - Mary and Colleen, (

"Charming, sweet lullabies... Every child should have this CD!"  - Dee, (Owner

"Look to the children, what do they see?  The man in the moon, or stars within reach."  So begins the first track on the new CD by Anita Kruse, who brings all of her talents into play in the most serene of surroundings.  Lullabies From Home is a collection of 12 new original compositions, all soft lullabies, designed to lull your young ones to sleep.  Each of these songs, from Look to the Children and Magical Places to Samantha and Night Flight, feature her distinctive vocals and piano stylings.  Yet to suggest that this is simply a children's album would overlook the beautiful subtlety and rich, lyrical words that make each song a delight.  Lullabies From home is just as much a collection for grown-ups, and each heaven-sent melody can just as easily send mommy and daddy off to meditative bliss.  Perhaps it is best described by the composer herself, with the words from Night Flight, the final track on the album.  "I will fly on the wings of a dream... I will glide up to places not seen before... colors never painted on earth... I will ride by... white light... so bright... night flight."  - Denise Welling, (Body Mind and Soul)

There are some artists whom you embrace as family – when a new album is released, you feel as though it is like going home. So it is with Anita Kruse, whose music is as personal your own kin. In trying to define Anita Kruse, what comes to the forefront is her voice, which is one of joyous euphoria. From the softest of ballads to her uptempo compositions, there is a quality that seems to emanate directly from the heart. And despite her evolving sound, it is the emotional content that has always been a constant.  It might be said that she has, in fact, come a full musical circle. Her 1993 release, All We Have Is Now, was a boisterous combination of energetic pop and jazz, with a solid backing band and horn section.  By the time of Light (1996), her music had become more serene, introspective in tone, with her piano taking the lead to drive the melody. Heavy sax leads were replaced by softer instrumentations. Also taking dominance was the strength of her lyrics, the words becoming the heart and soul of each composition. These traits carried onto Creation Flight (1998), but with more urgency than the previous album. This also marked the first collaboration on her albums with producer/percussionist (and future husband) Robbie Parish – whose world music influences have enriched each recording. The superb Christmas single, Christmas Light – her 2001 collection of lullabies, Lullabies From Home, and her non-solo endeavor with the band, The Cry  (Parrish, Ray Younkin and Robert Woodrich), have since followed.  Now comes hew new CD, Dreaming Out to Sea, a work in progress since 1999, but the end result is well worth the wait. Her trademark voice, thoughtful words, and uplifting compositions are all intact, but with a fire reminiscent of her "All We Have Is Now" days — hence the full circle. It may well be her best work to date. As to be expected, her lyrics conjure up vivid imagery with an emotional hook, such as in the title track: In the well we built before, Deep within the sandy floor, Underneath the silver waves, Buried in our treasure caves, Captured by the half-lit moon, Casting shadows past and through, Every you, every us, Dreaming under angel dust.  Every you, every me, Dreaming out to sea.  The bonus song on the CD, Blue Net of the Heart, considers the mystery of our heart connections, and  is recorded with The Cry. In the end, this seems to be the core of her writing – the ties of emotion and spirituality to family, friends, and the world around us. In a 1998 interview with Houston Chronicle journalist Cecile Holmes, Kruse noted of her musical pilgrimage, "The bridge is one's bloodline. In a sense, we are living ancestors – those who aren't living work through the blood." - David Welling, (Body Mind & Soul)