"Lullabies from Home" CD

So begins the first track on the new CD by Anita Kruse, who brings all of her talents into play in the most serene of surroundings.  Lullabies From Home is a collection of 12 new original compositions, all soft lullabies, designed to lull your young ones to sleep.  Each of these songs, from "Look to the Children" and "Magical Places" to "Samantha" and "Night Flight", feature her distinctive vocals and piano stylings.  yet to suggest that this is simply a children's album would overlook the beautiful subtety and rich, lyrical words that make each song a delight.  Lullabies From Home is just as much a collection for grown-ups, and each heaven-sent melody can just as easily send mommy and daddy off to meditative bliss.  Perhaps it is best described by the composer herself, with the words from "Night Flight", the final track on the album.  "I will fly on the wings of a dream... I will glide up to places not seen before... colors never painted on earth... I will ride by... white light... so bright...night flight".  - Denise Welling, (Body Mind and Soul) May, 2001

Anita Kruse's new CD Lullabies From Home is a truly beautiful gift for anyone with infants or young children.  It provides a soothing moment of shared pleasure in an often hectic and noisy world.  Anita's soft gentle singing voice coupled with her original, reassuring, lyrics and light musical background create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sleep.  I can't imagine a parent who wouldn't enjoy being snuggled with a little one as they listen to Lullabies From Home together.  I feel certain today's children will grow up to sing these lovely lullabies to their own babies.  - Carol Daly, (Owner/sunsationalkids.com) May, 2001

"...so beautiful.  I looked back and found my son completely knocked out.  He hasn't fallen asleep in the car in ages, my daughter in the meantime was singing along.  She particularly likes "Rainbow Bear".  - Dannielle Agena, (myenchantedgarden.com) July, 2001

Lullabies From Home: "Four thumbs up!  This is beautiful music!"  - John E. Sloe, (grandmagibbsangelbibs.com) July, 2001

"Lullabies From Home is a beautiful collection of lullabies sure to enchant both young and old.  Truly a beautiful gift for anyone with infants or young children."  - Mary and Colleen, (babyknitsandmore.com) July, 2001

"Beautiful children's music by a gifted pianist, singer, and songwriter, Anita Kruse.  Perfect for your child's beddy time."  - (rosemarycompany.com/4showers.com)