Creation Flight

Creation Flight is a personal journey of discovery -- both the discovery of Anita's ancestral roots through her mother's mother, and the discovery of her connection to all women through the ancient mother goddesses.

The 20-page, full-color tray booklet contains complete lyrics and gorgeous photos of Kruse in natural settings.

All songs were written as gifts for women in her life -- some were inspired by dreams and others evolved after great losses -- the losses of friends' children and in her mother's case -- the loss of her mother in childhood.

"Creation Flight" is a celebration of new life, especially new life that emerges from the darkness of death. It is a celebration of those things that are eternal -- love and spirit, and is an honoring of all that grows in the dark and all that is born into light.

Track List:

1. Circles 'Round My Heart
2. Creation Flight
3. Prayer to Purple
4. Angel of My Thunder
5. Lullabye Ladder
6. The Early Days of You
7. Iona's Song
8. We Come With Your Tomorrows
9. By Some Chance
10. On the Other Side
11. Lullabye for Annie
12. Circles 'Round My Heart


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